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Facebook Poker Chips 500 M

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BuyFastChips.com Helps You Stay in the Game

When you’re playing poker, you need to ask yourself how much you like to play, and how often you play. For example, if you play poker casually, like a few times a year, then the chips that you get from the marketplace would probably be enough for you.

But what if you’re more serious about playing poker than that? What if you play every day, on sites like Facebook.com, which is the most popular poker site in the world, and you want to play at the really big tables? To do that, you not only need to have enough chips to buy in, but you need to have enough of a bankroll to be successful, which means you’ll need a handy source of cheap poker chips.

This is an important point. Most amateurs and casual players will automatically go to a table where the buy-in matches the total number of chips they have. So, if they have $1,000 in chips, they go to the tables where the maximum buy in is $1000. They may not use all of their chips, and they might buy in with $750, for example. But the point is, that’s still way too small of a bankroll, and you’re going to need to find some cheap poker chips if you’re going to play for long.

That’s because any pro will tell you that your bankroll needs to be many times the buy in of whatever table you’re playing. And the higher the buy in, the bigger your bankroll needs to be. For example, by most estimates, if you play a table with a maximum buy of $200, you need $400 in your bankroll, or 2 buy-ins worth of chips. But, as the table stakes increase and you move up, you need even more chips. If the maximum buy in at your table becomes $2,000, again for example, you’ll need the equivalent of 10 buy ins for that table, or $20,000 in chips in your bankroll. If you move up to a $10,000 maximum table, you’ll need the equivalent of 50 buy-ins, or $500,000 in chips. And that only goes up as the table buy-ins increase or you play a tournament.

So you’ll need a great source of cheap poker chips, and that site is BuyFastChips.com. BuyFastChips.com is the premier site to buy cheap facebook poker chips, and we know what we’re doing. With a long track record in the business, we strive to give the best for our customers.

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